UOFL RTDSS for health care and public health protection
  • Overview

    We have developed a real-time, decision-support system (RTDSS) that uses real-time data to solve a variety of problems faced by three groups of users - Public health officials, first responders and hospitals - during a medical emergency such as a pandemic influenza attack. Dr. Heragu, the Project Director, says "some studies indicate that up to 40 percent of the population could be stricken and hospitals could be operating at 50% of their capacity during a pandemic attack. During a time of medical surge when we really need Healthcare and Public Health (HPH) as well as Emergency Service Sector (ESS) personnel and equipment to be operating at full capacity, the challenge for planners is to allocate the few resources at their disposal in the most efficient manner in response to fast changing conditions on the ground so that a large number of people can be served in as short a time as possible."